Sno Bonneau    Cairns Council    1995 - 2012

Sno Bonneau - Defamation Action and Apology


The ongoing actions and comments to the media by Councillor Robert Pyne regarding allegations which were eventually dismissed as “misconceived and lacking in substance” by the Regional Conduct Review Panel led to a claim for defamation in the Cairns District Court by Councillor Sno Bonneau against Cr Robert Pyne.


As part of the claim being settled an apology was provided by Robert Pyne.



The apology by Robert Pyne to Sno Bonneau follows:


"On 15th February 2011 I lodged material with Ms Lyn Russell the then Chief Executive Officer of Cairns Regional Council detailing my allegations that Sno Bonneau, then a fellow councillor with Cairns Regional Council, had breached the Local Government Act by failing to declare eight (8) conflicts of interest or material personal interests.


Before lodging the material I provided it to Gavin King, then a reporter with The Cairns Post.  My complaints were referred by Cairns Regional Council to the Office of Local Government, Department of Infrastructure & Planning as possible misconduct under the Crime and Misconduct Act.


On 28th of February 2012 the Local Government Regional Conduct Review Panel unanimously found the allegations should be dismissed as misconceived and lacking in substance.


Mr Bonneau commenced proceedings in the District Court at Cairns claiming substantial damages for defamation against me alleging that my allegations in their natural and ordinary meaning meant and were understood to mean that Mr Bonneau was corrupt, dishonest, and acted illegal and was unfit to be a councillor.


As part of the settlement of the legal proceedings against me I unreservedly apologise to Mr Bonneau, withdraw all my allegations against him and undertake never to repeat them or anything similar."




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