Sno Bonneau    Cairns Council    1995 - 2012

Sno Bonneau - Cairns Council


*  First elected to office in 1995 as part of the newly amalgamated Mulgrave and Cairns Councils in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.


*  Re-elected in 2000


*  Re-elected in 2004


*  Re-elected in 2008


*  In Office until March 2012


*  Did not run for election again and resigned in March 2012


Sno Bonneau served the Cairns Community for a total of 17 years


In February 2011  Councillor Robert Pyne falsely claimed that Sno Bonneau had not declared election donations correctly and requested an investigation.



An investigation was held and the claims proven to be entirely baseless.


"From his election to the present day, Cr. Bonneau has diligently declared and recorded interests, election gifts and business associates of both his and his wife.


There is nothing whatsoever to substantiate any of the allegations against Cr. Bonneau.


The Panel orders that allegations that Councillor Sno Bonneau did not declare a conflict of interest or a material personal interest under the Local Government Act 1993 and or the Local Government Act 2009 be dismissed as “misconceived and lacking in substance.”


Regional Conduct Review Panel   Read more



A successful Defamation Claim was made against Robert Pyne by Sno Bonneau resulting in an apology as part of the settlement.


"As part of the settlement of the legal proceedings against me I unreservedly apologise to Mr Bonneau, withdraw all my allegations against him and undertake never to repeat them or anything similar."


Part of Apology from Robert Pyne to Sno Bonneau   Read more


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